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99: Az-Zalzalah (The Convulsion) - الزلزلة 

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​​Humble Hussein

As the days pass

without the sight of you my King

I pray that You will

one day my happiness bring

I wish that You might wrap me

in your benevolent arms

Forever protect me from

the world's unknown harms

Without you now I am

a servant girl dressed plain

The public around me

is colorful and brightly feigned

But I am humbled with a Love

I can longer masquerade

Only You now can come to my aid

There is no helper that will
advance to you

my message of Love

All I can do is pray

for a magical dove

I pass my every breath without You

in anxious prayer

Between my Love and Pain now

there is no shielding layer

I am bleeding profusely in this militant mission of mine

Waiting for my noble King

to come pick me out from line.

21 Rabi al-Awal 1429