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​​85: Al-Burūj (The Mansions of the Stars) - البروج 

Radical Ali

There's nothing about my Islam

that is radical
Any more than there is with my love

that's not sporadical

How dare you think my love died

with the year just past
Don't you remember the story

of that dismal bomb blast

And how the soldiers came surging

into our town
Looking for the men

who burned the market down

My true love was out

some meat and potatoes that day
But that fateful night

he never came home to pray

Instead the GI soldiers caught him

and stripped him bare
They jeered and at his private parts

they stared

They reeked of scotch McCallen

and whiskied Jack Daniels
There were many bystanders

even "Trixie" their spaniel

I still don't know why they thought

Ali was a terrorist
He refused to kill even the cockroach

saying it was blessed

But it makes no difference

because Ali never came home
And now I'm living this war

out all on my own.

19 Rabi-al-Awal 1429





The Washer

By heaven,

as it sweeps asunder,
And the starry skies,

that shine from under.

I am so happy

this year, to see
My jama'at

smiling at me,


Pledge to me your life,

and eternally praise.
Grace of Allah,

we'll wake the world

from its sleeping daze.

I'll show you how,

you only need Trust.
We'll spend lifetimes


if we must.

Come to my House,

and I will light for you

your path.
First, you might have to

take a spiritual bath.

You may feel as though

you're sinking,
That I've left you

to fall.
But Trust in me

and know,
I've given you

my all.