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​​82: Al-'Infiţār (The Cleaving) - الإنفطار 

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​​​Sweet Goodbye

Sadness injected.

Life is a series of struggles,
Kissed with sweet fleeting moments.

Dreams come true in a heartbeat,
But difficulty lingers with a heavy hand.

I want to carry your load,

so that you will be light.

Today you have filled me with your sadness,
I have entered a more remote realm,
My head is heavy

and voices are distant.

I feel still,

but time keeps moving.
Life seems a farce.

Now is the time for intense supplication.

I have trained for months,

and am capable of the task.

I will ease your difficulties,

but you will not know.

I accept your decision, so I will go.

Changed by you, but you are my "Joe".

You know with certainty you are not the one.
You must be right,

you are the wise.
His masquerade revealed,

and this story's demise.

This is our sweet goodbye
and I am sadder than the saddest sea.

You will never come looking for me.

This was our last meeting.

My fate now seems sealed in solitude.

Two days from today,

I will cry blood for us.

Two days from now,

my prayers seem unheeded.

Two days from today,

I am seized by despair.

Two days from now,

you feel such a stranger.

But I cannot have fear

I love you still.

Now is not the time for doubt
Now He tells me to leave.

He has chosen to deliver my salvation,

paired with your suffering.

Guided by His Almighty Hand,
Submission is my only response.

Sweet sea goodbye of today

Two days from now,

this sea bleeds.

When will this sea of ours stop hurting

when will this sea of ours part?