8: Al-'Anfāl (The Spoils of War) - الأنفال 

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​​​​Letter to the Islamists

​رسالة إلى الإسلاميين

I live in America

and I want to come back home

My roots are in Iraq

and the Al Aqsa Dome

Here in America

I have tasted many indulgent fruits

and they were all very sweet

I have knowledge to share

and I want us to meet

I believe
in a Muslim brotherhood

for all of mankind

I believe

whether Sunni or Shia

we all share one spiritual mind

It is for jannat (heaven)

we all must strive

Fighting in God's name

is the purpose of our lives

But this fighting of ours,

it isn't working at all

He does not seem to be

answering our call

So let's walk the harder road

and outsmart Satan

This will
give us plenty of time

for our matin'

Let's stop bombing our history

Leave the buildings left

from becoming a mystery

Let's take care

of our own babies

And then maybe

If we stop giving the occupier

a reason to stay

We can one day watch them

turn their foreign backs

and walk away.