72: Al-Jinn (The Spirits) - الجن 

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​​​A Fire in My God's House

My God's name is more precious than rain,
And I would never seek to take it in vain.

But you don't understand,

because my God has over 99 names,

And he has lived in the matter

of over 500 brains.

I thought my God lived

only in the body of the Imams,

But he also lives
in the currents

of my true love's arms.

And you know one more person

who God lives in, as I have learned?

He lives inside of
this woman poet’s heart,

as it burns.



No one can understand this love.
This love is spiritual.
It is not of this world.

I will never feel your touch.
I will never kiss
but the ground in Your home.

Ah, but if anyone could understand.

That I have already been betrothed.

Brief memories of You burn in my soul.

They WILL carry me to eternity.

They have already given me

all the happiness I can bear.

I just wish they would let me be in peace.

Think how easy life would be,

Were everyone as noble as You.

Ah, but you have deceived me.

In this life.

In this duniya,

your words are webs.

I can just barely see past them.

I know the salvation You delivered.

And I break through the webs.

I feel You in my heart.

That is all I have ever needed.

Thank You for showing me this spiritual love.

Thank You for lifting me to this place.