71: Nūĥ (Noah) - نوح 

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​JIHAD (His work)

Sometimes I think of you (all) as a deep well.
I keep pouring love down into it,
But no equal amount of love ever bounces back.

Still, I pour.
I pour my love into your deep dark wells,
because it is you, not me
that I seek to fill with love.

I am only a simple woman

charged with a simple task.

To fill your wells with my never failing love
this is my ultimate work for Him.




Rope Surrender

What good is heaven
Without you there?

What's the point of food
When I eat alone?

What of all the faces in the world
When none of them are you?

I surrender so that you might know

the deepest happiness
and the most soothing forms of peace.

I pray so that you might spend your days
in rolling plains of green.

Leaving you seems a cruel sacrifice.
But I have sacrificed in your name

Now I eat my words
I must surrender,

so that you can live to your heart's content.
This was my covenant.
My sacrifice will become your joy.
Weighty burdens

will soon become your misty memory,
and my every reality.

I assure you that all I say is true,
for I will not prove weaker than my promise.
I am bound to it
with the strongest form of rope.