Muslim ​​Heartache

Tonight was the night
I dissolved useless delight

Finally pleasing those who think me a nut
I reached down into my gut

Pulled up through my stomach
sucked strong through my lungs,
shot straight through my heart
bypass to throat,
injected down the spine
and yanked on this love
as if it were swine.

I pulled this loving out of me

I pulled out dreams and
I caged up eternity.

I walked to the mirror so that I could see
The blank remnants
of this evacuating surgery

Who is this me that I now see?

I am not despondent
I am His servant

I will never be alone
I am one of His own.

How could such a love have been true?

I must have imagined you.

69: Al-Ĥāqqah (The Reality) - الحاقة 

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