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64: At-Taghābun (The Mutual Disillusion) - التغابن 

​​Soul Recognition

I barely recognize your name,
I barely recognize your face,
Your scent is altogether foreign,
And so is your embrace.

You do not recognize me either,
You do not recognize my love,
But despite this physical estrangement,
Our souls are tenderly acquainted.

How wonderful it is to be me.
Maybe one day you too will see.






I was a vessel,

turned upside down.
Everything flooded out of me,

oil spilled,

and I was miserable.

Then one day,

You came to me,
and I was suddenly

flipped right side up.
I was joyous,

it was my miracle.

Now my vessel brims

with love for You,
The love spills out

and onto all I meet

And in its place,

You pass along your sadness.
I am filled with this state

You must bear,
I bear it though

my eyes are shut.


in this painful state

of Your transition,
how can You tell me

to be happy,

to enjoy life?
This vessel of mine

is brimming
with my unreturned love

and Your disturbing pain.

Where is there room

for happiness?

How can You assign me

such a burden -
my vessel

cannot comprehend it.