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​​51: Adh-Dhāriyāt (The Winnowing Winds) - الذاريات 

​​Round  Wind

The winds of change

are in

the night’s air

Perhaps it’s time

to let down

forlorn love’s


Seize the miracle moon

with both arms


New love on the brink

of a tale





Shore Me

Show me the genius

that you are
Horns that make

my spirit soar.

Show me the beauty

that I am
By walking me to

the threshold of myself.

Abandon your wild hair

to this foreign wind
Tendrils from our east
Dark distant dreams


Could you be an angel

sent just for me
You already are
Angel born and myself

come undone

In your face,

a newfound peace
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
From my soul,

I can never replace.

Come to me with the freedom

that is yours
And together we will sail

the unchartered shore.




God Challenge to the Cyclone

In God I trust,
To hell with lust.

I’ll spend a lifetime
Alone if I must.

But for passions'

fleeting arousal,
Refuse to engender

passing scoundrels.
Forsaken gates

for fancied pleasure.

Mistaken past

condemns perhaps,
Times and culture

rob man weak;

Devoid of stronghold,

fear winnowing winds,
Souls unkept

and blown to bend,
Careening in

the autumn frost
Beaconless and

at sea lost,

Saving grace found

in a moment with You,
Lifter of my

enshrouding veils
Strewn battleground revealed
Remnants brittle,

wilt and torn
Cast them all away

wanting for You.

In the cyclone

of my soul's mirror,
I stand naked and alone.
The elements,

treacherous and spinning

in madness.

You whisper from within:
Channel Your Energy

into my tangled batteries.

Charged with the warmth

of a fresh born Love,
Cuccooned like a baby

in this Faith.

Head down,

and I do not notice,
As the roaring cyclone

whistles and passes.

Stir to rise

from a meditative trance,
Remain engulfed

by the cyclone’s eye
Firm footed

until the day I fly.

Would one succumb

to the vices

of anger and lust?
Then to doom,

shall surely be thrust.

Faces of life encircle,

but remain wary.
Strong stalks of my trunk

lend me their strength,
Remove them and leave

a stump without roots.

Take my heart,

but I will fight

for these feet.
Take my desire,

but I’ve built a fortress

around my soul.

Take the world from me,

but you will never succeed

In ever breaking

this ever, resistant

Cyclone Trust.




Wind Strength

Do you feel my breath?

I blow it in the wind.

I pray it travels swiftly to your heart.

So that when your reserves are dwindling,

So that when you begin to feel spent,

In the blink of an eye,

 One breath will rejuvenate you.

Your spirit will be full.

A fuel of the strongest energy.

You are a force to be reckoned with.

Your resolve is far stronger than you can imagine.

I see it and I insure it with my life.

Hedge upon hedge and a derivative on that.

Ample guarantees.

You will be strong.​