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49: Al-Ĥujurāt (The Private Apartments) - الحجرات 

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​​The Guide

You led me to the water
Pure still quenched
My sinful soul
Bathed in its oasis
Recluse from dry past
Heaven at Your feet

You found me in the darkness
Buried underground
Stooped below to sweep me up
Led me to Your throne
Sat there simply watching
As I panted and I wept
My birth pains exploded
You remained calm

Watching from afar
You did not come to my aid

as I waded deep
Waters of my spirit

and I could not resist
How to stay away

from this newfound bliss
Purity erased my former selves
Lost without my face
Still I had my feet
They only wanted to follow You
But You went into hiding

I cried out in anguish

for Your love
Where was my swimming companion

in You
You led me to the fruit

and left my tree barren
I whisked and whirled

in hungry frenzy
You were nowhere

except inside of me

Months passed

my body no longer
I am now one

with this water
Diving in its waves

and I have no form
I am invisible
But so are You


I can see You.