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48: Al-Fatĥ (The Victory) - الفتح 

In loving you,
I am loving
the entire universe.

This love itself
is the greatest
victory of all.




I am floating on the wings

of all those around me.

Even when my face hits the dirt,

There is a treasure

waiting there for me.





It is the promise of you,
that keeps me loving you.

Even if I fail to receive you,

I will have succeeded

in loving you.




Bloody Battlefield

In this hidden battle
I am Your silent soldier
My body is Your shield,

my ears and eyes Your succour

The blood I shed

drips only to spell Your name.
I have been conscripted by Him

to defend Your honor.
I have conviction of purpose

and I will not relent.
I fight only for You.

In this disturbing battle,
I am Your silent sleeper cell.
Deeply embedded, for He has prepared me.
I am well situated to recognize Your open foes

Do they not know

they wear their intentions on their sleeves?
I stare through their glassy eyes

and see their hypocrisy
Discretely evade their obvious traps
Shield You with my heart for all eternity

On that Day,

they will flounder like trout in buckets.
On that Day,

they will not be with this family.

In your absence, in this task of mine,
I am stronger than a hundred men
I wield the sword of Ali.

Sweet victory will be ours soon enough.
He will not send me away

until the battle is won.

5 Rabi-al-Thani 1428