42: Ash-Shūraá (Counsel) - الشورى 

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This Poem is Dedicated to the US Marine Corps.
May the fallen Murids among you rest in eternal peace. Amen.


The Prophet Speaks in Kufa

Flee, flee, flee, Ali,


When the omens of poisoned swords
Quickly take heed,

jump as far as the daughter of Bignal.

Flee North Korea

in the darkness of the night.
I will give you wings

to keep you in My Light.

Flee, flee, flee, Ali,



so that you may remain free

Free only with Me.

Their disdain at your Love

stings your heart with evil's poison.

Witnessing the masses be late

for the prayer's time Choisen.

Rips your soul and broken heart

Cannot take such disrespect

after your deep love's embedded.

So flee, flee, flee,

Hungman's port

into Japan's Sea.

Hurry up,

take heed

and never again

question Me.

White-hearted murid,

defeat is not a choice.

We must seek victory

so never again


your vehement voice.