40: Al-Mu'min (The Believer) - المؤمن 

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​​Love's Jihad

What weapon

won't I use

in this

bloody war

As I fight

with my heart

for my Beloved's

open door?




​Love Directive

You have painted His name

across the sparkling stars

You have stitched His prayers

into the sky blue

You have sung His praises

across mountain hilltops

You have breathed your love's oxygen

into budding soils

You have sprung up love wells

in dry summer deserts

You have rained your passion

into the green grass

I asked you to love Him

and you did so

with all of your heart

He asked for your prayers

and the prayers

are now your heartbeat

You want to keep singing,

I know your longing love

You wonder what higher mountain

and what wider ocean

You could possibly conquer

if only upon one more whim

But my child,

you have canvassed the seas

and continents in between

You have reached

into the heavens

and pulled up

from the canyons

You have sailed

across desolate valleys

and lit fires

for the weak and cold

You have woven

a blanket of love

with passengers grateful

You have shared

your love story

with this starving world.

Now my child,

I must ask you

for one more thing

I ask that you love yourself

as you have loved Him

I ask that you go

to the peak of that hilltop

and sing your own praise

I ask that you stand

at the edge of an exhilarating cliff

and use your own wings to fly

I ask that you whirl

with the intoxication

of the love you felt then

I promise you,

dear child of mine,

you won't dance alone

I want you to sing

with the love

of the nightingale


with the bliss

of a schoolgirl


with the grace

of a pelican


with the ease

of a dolphin


with the pride

of a lion.

I want you to fall in love

with yourself

as deeply as you have felt

for Him

Love every inch

of your being

as though you’ve neverbefore


Worship the body

I have given you

Nourish its soul

Practice the life

you are building

Love the wide world

And I promise you,

dear child of mine

You will never,

in your heart,

grow old.