37: Aş-Şāffāt (Those Who Set The Ranks) - الصافات 

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​​Sailboat Free

Anchor of my Beloved

released into

the deep blue sea

Thankful to Him,

He has graciously

set me free

Now my passionate lover,

to you too,

I must bid adieu

As Queen Taara Rani


in the morning dew

Release the lust

of our ecstacy

into the warm winds

of memory's door

Dance with me anyways

on the banks

of the sandy seashore

Twirl your fingers in mine

and blow your breath into my air

Let me find the core

to your happiness snare

Journey not through

the honey spot of our desire

No, the river of peace contains not

the milk of satisfaction's mire

The water springs from a hidden place,

as sacredly shielded,

as Patal Bhubaneshwar


Let’s find it together.


we must cast away

one thousand veils

of ecstacy's lure

Strip shed

erotica's fulfilling


Sacrifice smash

the clay pots of our habits

Party of destruction, set lust aflame

Torch our flesh

and watch the Light revive

I love you beautiful

Will you help me set my sailboat free?