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3: 'Āli `Imrān (Family of Imran) - آل عمران 

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I have grown supple in resilience.

The leather hide creases only when unpracticed.
These massages knead into elaborate weaving.

Growing must become loving.
It is that Love in which I wish to lose myself.

Bring me to You.
Bring me to the magic and the beauty

and the promise that is You.
Bring me to a place where the reality is You.

My love, once the powerful talisman

of a righteous victor,
stands worn and tested.

It has hardened and soldiered me,
rendered me stoic in separation.
My love has abandoned me.

I am a wave.
Cool water brushed over this dry plateau.

Let me flow into that river and lake that is Yours.
Let me touch the promise of Your Heaven once more.​






​Oh brother,

Come hither!

Walk with me for a brief while,

and bless me with your beautiful smile.

In this magnificent structure,

that prevents us from the dangerous fluster,

with its ceilings asunder,

and windows glistening in thunder.

Blue lines do a spiritual journey make

The peace and love here is hard to fake.

You look like me

and I look like you,

We all look down to the carpet,

to see its beautiful shades of blue.

I will be your brother,

if you will be mine.

Let us never forget this promise,

until the end of Time.



Sis you called me today

and the sound of your cries

Made me feel like

I wanted to die

I think I know what you're going through
Right now the whole world just won't do

You're so close to the finish
Do not let your courage diminish

Fight this battle babe please
We'll learn together how to make the pain freeze

Sis I'm bringing you home tomorrow
Cuz I just can't let you be alone in your sorrow

Money ain't no thing

compared to the promise of together
Strongly united and this storm we will weather

We're gonna ride this shit out to the very end
On me babe you gotta know you can always depend.

21 Jumada al-Thani 1428