27: An-Naml (The Ant) - النمل 

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​​​Pray Awhile - Bird Song

Dear white yonah (dove),

why do you tear gas my protest,
While my ancient country

weeps your guile gas

Little red robin, why do you spy,

on my country's moors,
While you bulldoze down

my neighboring brother's door

Magnificent black 'orev (crow),

why do you slash your interest rate

in breaking record,
While you endanger

Tatarstan's white snow leopard

Royal blue peacock,

why do you dance

around your stripper's pole,
While I crouch crying

in Tulavu's drowning hole

Pretty green parakeet,

why do you obsess over

house cats prancing in clover
While I would give my all
to dine

on your calf's remaining stover

Fluorescent pink flamingo,

why do you devour

your passion's prim,
While I sit here praying

my heart out for Him

Quiet orange hoopoe,
why do you retreat

back to Solomon
And leave me to despair

in the Queen of Sheba's haughty lair

Oh Palestinian sunbird,

what color are you?
Can you see Ahava

from behind the chained fence?