22: Al-Ĥaj (The Pilgrimage) - الحج 

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Glamorous Iniquity Goodbye

Pray to One God

that He may remove

contemporary shadows

Shifting vapors of iniquity

cast across noon’s sphere

Acknowledge only

the blackened clouds and

cripple your heart blind

Remembrance of the certain Light

and steadfast company you will find

Reality is ephemeral
Pilgrimage is symbolic
The Kabaa overlooks Malibu

The Guide knows it’s there
So does the promised bluejay

Similitudes of divinity are personal
Remember my devil crashing airplane

Understand my spiritual sacrifice

I’m engaged to a dream

Married to a memory

Mother to a destiny

Do not suck my nipple dry

The world is poor enough
In its iniquity shadow.

Instead my passionate lover,
Be my loyal Friend.

Wish me good tidings,

as I embark for the uncultivated valley

of my own chastity.

Bow and prostrate with me,

on the ground blue.

Cast away

the idolatry of our lust

Of the smooth supple breast

Of abundant abdomen flesh

of Shakira and Beyonce
ass and belly that I know he likes.

The sacrifice for God is this Eid
My white sail soul flees

our confusing love dance.

My life sentenced body

wants to break me.

I can't let it.

I believe in my dream.
I believe in yours too.

So don't hurt as I say goodbye:

Goodbye life of this world,
Goodbye butterfly lips on my breath,
Goodbye to the beauty you show me in myself,
Goodbye vanity vexed,

Goodbye gorgeous glamour girl.