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21: Al-'Anbyā' (The Prophets) - الأنبياء 

​​​​​The Crow Speaks

I've lost my dreams

Misplaced my utopic propensity to aspire

This world is mad for money and greed

I have sipped my fill of its lust and haste

Tired of shallow hearts lacking in spirit

Where will I find my rest

​From this desolate destiny

Is there a morrow that will alleviate my disillusionment?

Or am I trapped like a crow

in an underground sewer below heaven?




Moses' Prophecy

God doesn't act in terms of vengeance
He only acts in terms of benevolence

Love doesn't think in terms of deserve
It only feeds from a heart's memory reserve

Legacies aren't born from muddled dreams
They must be planted with the hope

of visionary seeds

The Prophets didn't just speak

to the Jews or Muslims
They spoke to all of mankind

including the Christians.

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