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2: Al-Baqarah (The Cow) - البقرة 

Sirat Al-Mustaqeem ​الصراط المستقيم

I have borne you of life
I have blessed you with truths

Love the earth and Her fruits
Protect Her from undue harm

Worship Me above else
In lieu of your legitimate pride

Your submission is for Me alone
Do not fight, then

Amongst yourselves
for yourselves

Nor for Me
That is not My way




The Second Chapter


A wise man told me once,

all things in life are "give and take".

You have given me a new beginning.

In return, I will submit to You until the End.

This is the second chapter.

This is one that will not be rushed.

What an auspicious day this is.

O Allah, You are Great!

ALLAH-HU-AKBAR! الله أكبر




Learned Love

I learned how to pray by praying for You

I learned how to laugh by speaking with You

I learned how to fly by dreaming with You

I learned how to die by wanting for You

I learned how to live by waiting for You

So how can it possibly be that I don’t love You?




Jihad (Gnat)

Jihad isn't blowing yourself up at a bus stop
It isn't walking around with dynamite
Strapped to your ass

Jihad is staring at the devil
Straight in the eyes
And not standing down.

Jihad is marching directly into
the blazing fire
to come face to face
with your weak contender.