103: Al-`Aşr (The Declining Day) - العصر 


Love is patience
Love is time
Love is loving You

without a reason why

Love is yearning
Love is pain
Love is shining light

through the pouring rain

Love is longing

for the image of Your face
Love is the bliss

of Your dreamt embrace

Love is conviction
Love is courage
Love is unrelenting

and will not be discouraged

Love is jazz
Love is the classics
Love is rap and rhyme

and all paradigms

Love is irrational
Love is eternal
Love is me secretly believing

in dreams maternal

Love is me melted

in forms anew
Love is me left

only wanting You

Love is praying for Your heartbeat
Love is praying for our lives
Love is waiting for You
to see me

Without You, 

my heart is paralyzed

Love is roaring thunder

when You walk my way
Love is all the things

I still want to say

Love is all this waiting
Love is all this pain
Love is all the sacrifice in the world
For only one moment's gain

Love is an abundant spring
It gushes forward
Love is fed by Your presence
And watered by Your memory

Love is warming
Love is simple
Love is glee

in the early morn's drizzle

Love is patience
Love is calm
Love is certain
Love is God

Love is passion
Love is blind
Love is this crazy feeling

in this heart of mine








My friends keep telling me to leave you behind

But I will take you with me anyway

My head is beginning to doubt my sanity

But I will love you anyway

My eyes can no longer remember your face

Your smile is a distant dream, that seems as though it never was

But I will dream about you anyway

You don't even think of me

But I will think about you anyway

Will it all be worth it?

I will have faith anyway.

23 Rabi-al-Awal 1428

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