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10: Yūnus (Jonah) - يونس 


Grieve now in sheets of white

Women weep how many previously asleep

Awaken from this life

Sleepwalk to death

Tragedy indeed

Instead WAKE

Burn with the appetite of the ravenous fire

Yearn with the longing of an unfulfilled lover

Dream despite your fragile broken heart

Persist with unrelenting zeal

Believe with the faith of an innocent child

Touch Me with a heart that is pure white

Kiss Me with a feeling

that is respectfully mutual

Watch Me with a curiosity

that is intrigue sincere

Paint the Word of God

on canvases vast and clean

Adorn the brush stroke

with the tender lapiz of your soul

EMBOLDEN your creative MIND

with the Book of the chosen

Meditate your fingers

across the air of free spirit

Pluck the chords of your instrument

with sensual rapture

Massage My eardrums

with your spiritual desire

Lead Me past this darkness

to the corridor of your Light

Color for Me

the birds of My promised paradise

Paint for Me

your perfect Pakistani pride

Dance for Me

with the beat of your impoverished homeland

Splash your hungry love

into the sea winds of change

Adore your walking dreamboat

despite himself

Die if you must

a solitary bird in lonely passion

Do not be ashamed for loving Allah

Skip through the world's talk

with blissful melody

Whisper fresh green leaves

into barren grey trees

Kindle Arabia

with the elegance of your calligraphy

Do not be disheartened

by the way you will one day return to Me

Create for Me

a vision of the Divine

Leave behind a masterpiece

that shines sublime.

Let the mum'ins spread your art and tale

in the West

May you live on in a memory

Pristine and Muslim blessed.