1: Al-Fātiĥah (The Opening) - الفاتحة 

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 ​​IQRA إقرا

Sanctify Love

Purify worship

Cleanse the heart of ill
Train in the path of virtue

Tis all one and the same

My friend

Trust in your heart
Lay down the rifle

Come forward in submission
Let us love again




Islam الإسلام‎

Now you are gone.

But you are never a stranger,

can never be forgotten.

Distant angel dear in my heart.

Saviour of my soul

and you shall attain salvation. 

Pure sweet man that you are,

you form the fresh lining of my soul

and you have become part and parcel of it. Undeniable truth.

Humbled by you, grateful for you
He acted through you

because you are like Him.

Your light burned bright,

a lighthouse to bring my broken ship

back to friendly shores.

I submit to the One. The Only.
The Only One I can obsess over.

The Only One I can rely on.

The Only One I can seek support from.

Slowly, surely, I am building.

The soul is still burning,

the smoke still wafes out of me.

In the prayer hall all must see

this relentless stream

of charred black smoke

ascending to the sky.

It dissipates and we are at peace.

It dissipates only to find fresh embers.

I submit.

I am so grateful for this resurrection.

So happy to be back home.

I will traverse the hellfires

of my own creation,

I will travel the darkness alone

because I know

beyond the storm,

the clouds,

the rain,

beyond it

I will find the Light I have lost.

Every day You feed me.

I am starving

I cannot resist the chance

to come into Your home

and drink from Your well.

To replace the two brothers,

I have found the Prophet and Ali,
they keep me company in the hours of my life
They dance and my soul feels joyful.





Before there was You...

Life was grey.

Rays of light never broke through

the heavy clouds.

I was paralyzed.

Then there was You.

Now there is hope.

Now there is opportunity.

Now there are dreams.

Oh how I love skating

the soft white clouds of dreams

Oh how I love dreaming

all kinds of dreams

With You.





Not even you can keep me from loving you.

Finality is a foreigner to love.

My pining heart will have to bear it.

This chapter is immortal.